terracutie asked:
Hi I just wanted to share that I'm seeing Marina in Boston on saturday. I think I'm going to die asdfghjkfghkjlskjlfdksjfjlakjfljsd thats all

oh really? that’s awesome! I saw her live on the 22nd of november she was amazing xxx

likeiusedto asked:
could you recommend other tumblrs dedicated to marina?








Those are just the ones off the top of my head. If you’re a Marina tumblr and you’re not listed, just like or reblog this post so others can find you.

pushrestartpressrewind asked:

Congrats :D She’s used my stuff a couple of times too! It’s a great feeling!!

l-one-ly-hearts-club-deactivate asked:
do you know if marina's carrying the lonely hearts club tour to australia? :'(

Here is a current list of her Australia dates:

In all seriousness, This fan asks her about it and she says she thinks in March she’ll probably be there. (I’m tagging this for Tumblr in case anyone has the same question.)

counterpositions asked:
Since Ellen is back on the air with her new season we should send tweets to get Marina on her show!

I think that’s a great idea! Perhaps someone can organize a #GetMarinaOnEllen hashtag?

princeprospero-deactivated20121 asked:
wonderful blog

Thank you kindly :D

everyinch-ofmymind asked:
I love your blog<3

Thanks so much!

vv00lf asked:
I love your blog, its perfect :)

Thanks so much :D

landofgod asked:
i don't understand, the marina's hair is fake? (/post/32214126400)

Yep! She’s been wearing a wig for 9 months http://fuckyeahelectraheart.tumblr.com/post/31139391404/

sealip asked:
post/23623086594 what interview is this from? Please and thank you ^___^ <3


surejan-deactivated20120830 asked:
Was just wonder, when are you picking a winner of the Marina merch give away?

The winner was picked last night! I’ll make a post soon!

deathsoup asked:
Have you seen Marina Live? I am going to see her in August and I am so exited and I wanted to know what it is like ?! xxx

I saw her last June and it was so much fun. She sounds great live, had high energy and was genuinely excited and happy to be there. She changed her clothes about three or four times throughout and her banter in between was so adorable. Expect to dance and sing your little heart out.

After the show I waited with about 40 other people to meet her. She came out and immediately took photos, signed shirts and CDs. She made sure that everyone had a picture and something signed before she left. She looked you in the eye when she talked to you and really cared that you were there and cared about what you had to say. The way she interacted with her fans made me love her even more than I already did.

Have a wonderful time!

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countingrocks-deactivated201406 asked:
where i can find marinas electra heart album photoshoot photos

There are some here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.389998147677329.102332.141095992567547&type=1 and the others are found on her tumblr :)

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love-from-lucy asked:
When will the deluxe edition of Electra Heart be out? Not the box set, although that is awesome. Juse the deluxe CD.

I’m assuming April 30th - the regular release date. Though, if you pre-order a CD and it’s arriving by mail, it could take a couple of days to get to you if you ordered it via standard shipping. If you choose the expedited shipping, it should get to you ON the release date.

perfectionofdeception asked:
i love her soo much! where is this blog out of? UK? i really wished she had more support in the States so she could come here more often! ahh im obsessed!

Thank you! I am from the States :) Hopefully she’ll come here around the same time last year (summer)

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