MARINA’S SHOW IN BALTIMORE WAS FANTASTIC. And she said we were her best show yet ;)

Did anyone get great pictures tonight? For those who stayed after, did Marina come out at all?

primadiamondd asked:
hi ♡ so I'm a new Marina blog and I was wondering if you could recommend some other good Marina blogs to follow? (Marina’s tumblr)

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For those of you buying Electra Heart in the US, where are you getting your physical copy? Target and Best Buy only say they’re available online…

What do you think of the Power & Control video?

What did you think of the Electra Heart Preview? What songs are your favorite from what you’ve heard?

What did you think of the Primadonna music video and song?

If I were to do a giveaway, would you be interested/participate?

What Electra Heart song are you most excited for?

Did any of you get tickets for Marina’s upcoming tour? What dates are you going to?

Who would you love to see Marina do a duet with?

Did you get anything Marina related for Christmas? Reply or photo reply here! :D?

What does everyone think of Starring Role?

What is your favorite Marina song?

What does everyone think of "Fear and Loathing" and "Radioactive"?